Our company

Medappcare is the first European company to have developed a rigorous and independent mobile health app methodology. This structuring work for the sector has been done with the support of the French Public Investment Bank (BPI), the Ile-de-France region, and the Fondation de France with the help of expert professionals of the sector (lawyers, patient associations, associations of health industrials, institutions…)

Our evaluation methodology and the criteria we use to evaluate apps focus on confidentiality and up to date regulation. We constantly adapt our methodology to new technical, medical, legal or regulatory requirements that may impact it. To do so, Medappcare’s teams review daily any new developments in the mobile health sector. Moreover, Medappcare has constituted an independent scientific committee in order to foster innovation, get feedback from experienced professionals and approve modifications proposed by Medappcare.

Medappcare focuses all of its efforts on developers / editors in order to offer them all of its know-how in the evaluation of their applications and subsequent recommendations. Medappcare also informs developers of new medical, marketing, commercial and regulatory changes in the sector.

Moreover, Medappcare offers industrials and healthcare professionals an innovative service that recommends quality mobile health apps for their clients. This service enables our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors and maximize the reduction of healthcare costs through optimal use of mobile health tools.

Medappcare’s concept and business model have been certified by the Pôle de compétitivité Finance Innovation which is a global competitiveness cluster of insurances and banks. Medappcare is co-incubated by the business incubator e-santé in Boucicaut (Paris Région Lab) and the incubator iPEPS-CM (La Pitié Salpétrière Hospital in Paris).

The team is composed of a permanent team represented by the founder as well as a team of multi disciplinary experts enabling us to move forward in a sustainable and well though out manner.

Medappcare chronology

  • 2012Creation of Medappcare
    Creation of Medappcare in charge of evaluating and recommending the best mobile health apps
  • Q2 2013Support of the French Public Investment Bank / Paris Region (Ile-de-France) / French Foundation
    Financial support from the French Foundation, the French Public investment Bank and the Paris Region.
  • Q4 2013European Commission invitation
    Medappcare is invited to present its unique activity in Brussels and then at the famous European Health Forum Gastein sponsored by the European Commission.
  • Q1 2014Certification by « Pôle Finance Innovation »
    Medappcare is certified by the « Pôle de Compétitivité Finance Innovation », which has a global outlook on the insurance and bank sector.
  • Q2 2014Medappcare continues its European Roadtrip
    Medappcare was a speaker in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and was invited by ECHAlliance. Medappcare participated in the mHealth Summit Europe in Berlin invited to speak by HIMSS
  • Q2 2014Medappcare joins the city of Paris’s eHealth incubator
    Medappcare joins the Boucicaut incubator specialized in eHealth, and is in co-incubation with ICM
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