Evaluation Methodology

The evaluation matrix

Our evaluation methodology and the criteria we use to evaluate apps focus on confidentiality  and up to date regulation. We constantly adapt our methodology to new technical, medical, legal or regulatory requirements that may impact it. To do so, Medappcare’s teams review daily any new developments in the mobile health sector. Moreover, Medappcare has constituted an independent scientific committee in order to foster innovation, get feedback from experienced professionals and approve modifications proposed by Medappcare.

Scientific commitee

More information

Our process

  • 1Submission of your app
    You contact us for the evaluation of your app
  • 2Application approval
    We pre-analyze your application with the information you have communicated to Medappcare.
  • 3Getting in contact
    If your application is pre-approved, we will reach out to you and ask for some additional information regarding your app.
  • 4General evaluation
    We proceed to a general evaluation of your service
  • 5Medical Evaluation
    Our medical evaluators proceed to evaluating your application using our rigorous medical assessment grid. These medical doctors must certify that they have absolutely no links to your service
  • 6Technical evaluation
    We proceed to an analysis of the coding of your application using our precise technical assessment grid
  • 7Result assessment
    Once your application has gone through our extensive evaluations, the compilation of the results generates your Medappcare score.
  • 8Evaluation report
    We will provide you with a Medappcare evaluation report with our potential recommendations – this is a positive approach to improving your services
  • 9Medappcare app selection (database)
    With your approval and depending on your Medappcare score, your application can be part of our selection of best apps only accessible to our industrials-prescribers. If they chose your app, you will have the opportunity to have your app recommended to their millions of potential users.
  • Continuous evaluation by users
    Users evaluate apps after downloading them from our clients' websites. These evaluations by users impact the global rating of apps.

Evaluation details

How do we conduct our technical evaluation ?
The technical evaluation is centered around three major axes: the protection of health data and potentially payment information, the security of the apps (viruses/malwares/coding flaws…) et the overall performance. Developers provide us with their coding information to conduct this evaluationaudit. This coding allows simulating the app’s activity without jeopardizing the developer’s intellectual property.
How do we conduct the medical evaluation
The medical evaluation has 4 major pillars: the content, the offered service, usage and a panel of criteria specific to the type of app evaluated.
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