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Recommend the best mobile health apps to your clients


As health care or insurance company, you need to recommend reliable mobile health apps to your clients / members / users with the objective to reduce health care costs and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Medappcare selects the best mobile health apps in its database using its rigorous, independent and exhaustive methodology.

We provide you with a regularly updated database of evaluated apps. Our recommendation system allows you to create recommendation models for all your digital platforms.

Evaluation methodology

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A benificial service for your clients and yourself

Differentiation and innovation
Given the regulatory and structural changes in the insurance and health care sector, it seems important to differentiate and offer innovative and new services.
Reduction of health care costs
MHealth helps reduce health care costs (99 billion euros per year in the European Union by 2017 , according to a PwC study).
Improve the health of your customers
MHealth allows multiple benefits in terms of public health : optimizing adherence, reducing unnecessary consultations, improved access to home care and medical deserts, developing a culture of health prevention ...
Follow the evolutions of the sector
We provide you with our current and evolving applications as closely monitor our app portfolio.
We guarantee the maintenance of our recommendation service. You will benefit from all our technological advances as soon as they are put in place!
Save on the development of a similar service
Developing a similar service to Medappcare would take you many months (in start-up mode), and would be much more expensive than going through a reference actor for development, especially to maintain a high level of sustainable service over time.
Trust the pioneer in mobile health app evaluations in Europe

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